Now on the Appstore: TweetTones for Twitter

Twitter… what an evolution for the microblogging platform since 2006… In June 2010, 93 million users accessed Twitter. Data issued by comScore the 11 august (not account usage via Twitter-based applications like TweetDeck…). According to GigaTweet, the platform counts more than 21 billion of tweets since 2006… It’s huge… really impressive, doesn’t it?

What countries like Twitter? In the Top 20 you can find Japan (16.8% of Internet users in June), the USA (11.9% only in 11th position), UK (10.9%), India (8%), New Zealand (7.5%) and… Mexico with 13.4%! As we are located in Mexico, we take an interest in developing Twitter apps here…
But Twitter is also used from the Smartphones.

According to comSore again, 8.3% of Smartphones’ users in USA use Twitter on theirs mobiles. This rate in less important in Europe. It’s not huge compared with the potential of the platform but it’s certainly just the beginning…

*Includes only mobile browser access to Twitter and does not include other Twitter-based mobile applications


It’s for that reason you can see more and more applications to use Twitter easier on your mobile.

But do you know the last one? TweetTones, the last creation of Latin3G for your iPhone!

We have developed an app which allows you to watch out for your followings tweets on your iPhone.

Have you ever missed an important tweet for you? Now, it won’t happen again!

This application allows you to set a unique tone for your different followings so everytime they tweet you'll hear that unique tone you set up for that person's tweets.

With TweetTones, you can assign a specific sound for your followings, for some keywords, @member or #hashtags. You’ll receive an alert with the tone selected to indicate the appropriate tweets.

TweetTones is now available in the Appstore!

The Lite version (free): Here
The Premium version: Here

They speak about Tweettones on the web:

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Tweettones is available!!